Forced labor

Work camp Gleiwitz, Camp for forced labor
november-december 1942

But we were Jews, and Jews were put into work camps that were guarded.

Arbeitseinsatz was the name for the forced call-up of workers as part of the German war economy. It became clear to Berlin that millions of Germans would have to be mobilized for people-consuming campaigns. The Reichsarbeitsministerium [Federal ministry of labor] received increasing requests from German industry for new workers. Replacements for the vacant jobs had to be found in the occupied territories. When the front got bogged down before Moscow and Germany also had the United States against it, it was time for a far-reaching approach. In January 1942, Reichsmarshall Hermann Göring declared that it was necessary for the Reich to force workers from the occupied territories to work for the German war industry. Ultimately millions of Europeans were deported and placed in the German arms industry.