Civilization on its head

Work camp Gleiwitz, Camp for forced labor
winter 1943 - 1944

The Dutch Jews were ranked lowest in the camp and were the target of everything.

The SS camp guards were not the only ones who were responsible for the cruel treatment of prisoners. Even prisoners among themselves didn’t make things easy for each other.  The camp commanders appointed certain prisoners, often criminals or political prisoners, as so-called kapos who were in the service of the Kameradschaftspolizei, and their job was to maintain order among the prisoners. They were the leaders of the work units and had to urge their fellow prisoners to work. They themselves didn’t have to carry out any physical work, they got better food, and their prisoner outfits were made to measure. From this privileged position they usually ruled harshly over their fellow prisoners; many kapos equaled the SS camp guards in cruelty.