Stricter rules

Camp Conrad Rouveen
augustus 1942

The Dutch SS was much worse than the German SS. Their desire was to torture people to death.

In August camp director Lonee was sent for a course at camp Erika in Ommen. Camp Erika had just been put into use as a judicial prison camp. The first prisoners arrived on 19 June 1942 in Ommen. The camp population consisted primarily of people convicted by Dutch law and of economic offenders. The inmates had to do hard labor in this Justizlager. Constant harassment, beatings, and intimidations were the order of the day, and these cruelties often resulted in death. When these cruelties were exposed in 1943 that was the end of camp Erika. In the period from June 1942 until May 1943, between 170 and 200 prisoners died in Erika.