Green police in the train

Transit camp Annaberg
2 november 1942

You had to hand over everything you had. I had already sent my wedding ring back to my wife in Amsterdam so that she could keep it, but it was stolen along with the furniture.

Abraham Puls was the owner of a moving company, established in Kerkstraat. This company got a bad name in the war because it cooperated with emptying the houses of Jews and other deported people. Puls had been a member of the National Socialist party in the Netherlands since 1 May 1934. Under orders of the Germans he drove moving vans (with the name A. Puls, not Abraham Puls, on them) through Amsterdam to pick up the contents of Jewish homes. His name led to a new Dutch verb “pulsen.” During the occupation this referred to emptying, and in many cases looting, homes of deported or hidden Jews.