Arrival in Annaberg

Transit camp Annaberg
2 – 12 november 1942

A group of wild and screaming men stormed outside and shrieked in a language that we didn’t understand.

The German work camp Annaberg in the original Polish village Góra Świętej Anny (St. Anna’s Mountain; Annaberg from1936-1945) was one of the 16 forced labor camps in the Upper Silesia region along the Wroclaw-Katowice highway. The camp was established to work on the Reichsautobahn, RAB 29. At first there were Polish forced laborers and Jews from the Polish ghettos, but later there were also Russian POWs. The inhuman working conditions and the very bad conditions in the camp caused the number of workers to shrink quickly. Dutch Jews were taken from transports to serve as new slave laborers.