Broken people

Amsterdam, Youth
1924 - 1938

The radio broadcast by Isaac Gans brought in one million guilders in one evening.

The Joodse Invalide [Jewish nursing home], founded in 1911, provided help for a large group of elderly people, physically handicapped, blind, and deaf for whom there had been no special help until then. Isaac Gans, who later became the director of the Joodse Invalide, started out as a diamond worker, but he didn’t find it to his liking. One evening he found out that his wife, without telling him, had announced his resignation at the Bottenheim diamond factory. In 1924 he was hired as publicist for the Joodse Invalide. The nursing home flourished under his leadership. The care of the broken and shattered people, as Gans called his patients, was central for him.