A.B. Davidsschool, Nijverheidsschool

Amsterdam, Youth

He taught us why things are one way, and not otherwise.

The A.B. Davidsschool, a Jewish technical school for boys, was located at            Valckenierstraat 39. The various subjects taught at this school included metalworking, electrical engineering, tailoring, making furniture and upholstery, woodworking, car mechanics, and pastry making.

Elias Smalhout, born in Amsterdam on 23 September 1889, was one of the teachers at the Davidsschool. Elias was from a liberal Jewish family and was originally a diamond cutter. At his wife’s insistence he enrolled at the Rijks Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten [National Academy of Fine Arts], and after completing his studies he became an art teacher at the Davidsschool. In addition he was active in the SDAP [Sociaal-democratische Arbeiderspartij - Social-Democratic Labor Party] and designed election posters and banners for this party.