The AJC Theater

Amsterdam, Youth

It was a terrific time, we acted in the theater, we called ourselves amateur actors – we were non-professionals.

The Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale [AJC: 1918-1959) was a socialist youth organization, founded by the Social-democratic labor party (SDAP) and the Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen [NNVV - Dutch Association of Trade Unions].

The purpose of the AJC was to educate and develop the working class youth. The socialist cultural ideal was realized through traditional manners and exercise, folk dancing, music, and amateur theater. The Paasheuvel in Vierhouten was a well-known camping and meeting area. The AJC members were split up into Rode Wachten [Red guards] - older members, Rode Valken [Red Falcons], and Trekvogels [Migratory Birds]. Each group had its own rules and symbols.