An attempt on Hitler's life

Flossenbürg concentration camp
9 maart 1945

When a number of the officers were hanged, the entire camp had to be silent.

On 21 July 1944 at 01:00 hour, Hitler’s voice was heard on all German radio stations; his voice was difficult to understand because of the aftereffects of the shock:

‘ A very small clique of ambitious, unscrupulous, and also treacherous, stupid officers has forged a plot to murder me and at the same time remove the staff of the German Wehrmacht leadership.  The bomb, which was placed by Oberst Von Stauffenberg , exploded two meters to my right. A number of faithful colleagues were seriously wounded. One of them has died. I myself was completely unharmed, except for some small scrapes, bumps, and burns. I see this as an affirmation of the task of Providence to continue to follow the path of my life, as I have done until now. The circle of these conspirators is very small. It has nothing to do with the Wehrmacht or with the German people. It is a small gang of traitorous elements that will now be exterminated mercilessly. I have therefore given orders at this moment that no military authority, no troop commander, and no soldier should follow any command of these exploiters; on the contrary, it is everyone’s duty to arrest anyone who follows these orders or issues them and to immediately neutralize anyone who resists. (…) This time we will deal with these elements in the way that we national socialists are used to.’

The executions were filmed on Hitler’s orders. The executioners drank cognac, laughed, and made jokes while Hitler’s enemies died.

Oscar Caminecci, one of the many who was brought to trial, was executed in Flossenbürg on 9 March 1944.