Nurse in the hospital

Camp Westerbork
3 oktober – 2 november 1942

At that time the best hospital was in Westerbork. In the barracks.

The medical care in Westerbork was well provided for. Because many Jews were surgeons, doctors, or dentists, it wasn’t difficult to put together an excellent medical team.  A job in medical care was sought-after, for it would provide a Sperre – a document of temporary exemption from deportation. Dutch Jews, after being picked up and designated for transport to the east, first received excellent medical treatment. If they were too ill to undertake the journey, there was a medical staff to see to it that the patients had first recovered before setting out on the trip. Once they were declared to be sufficiently recovered by the medical service then the victims were deported to the east on the first train to depart to the east. They are told it’s “for Arbeitseinsatz“– compulsory labor.