Appie was shot

Gleiwitz, Death train
21 januari 1944

Camp commander Moll started shooting indiscriminately and hit Appie in his back. ‘You swine,’ shouted Appie.

Camp commander SS-Hauptscharführer Otto Moll was head of the crematoria in Auschwitz-Birkenau starting in 1941. After the extermination of the Hungarian Jews in Birkenau, Moll returned to the post as head of Gleiwitz. In 1945 he supervised the evacuation (death march) of prisoners toward the west. Many former prisoners described Moll as the worst among the SS in the camp. Moll was often drunk and would then kill prisoners at will.

In February 1945 Moll was assigned to service in Kaufering, a sub-camp of Dachau. Here he could undisturbed indulge his cruelties on the defenseless prisoners. In May 1945 he was taken prisoner and tried by the American military tribunal. On 13 December 1945 Otto Moll was sentenced to death; he was executed in Landsberg at the end of May 1946.